Jordi Butrón and Xano Saguer have designed a unique and primary experience inside Espaisucres library’s amazingly pedagogic environment, in which they wish to explain and minutely dissect the spine, the pureness, the essence: FLAVOR.
12 exclusive clients per service are to enjoy and learn the insides of the world-reknowned Espaisucre METHOD.

In the year 2000, Jordi Butrón and Xano Saguer created an idea that revolutionized gastronomy: Espaisucre was born, the world’s first desserts restaurant. 17 years later, Butrón and Saguer come back with another concept that gives the explanation of the creative process inside the world of restaurant pastry a new twist.

Espaisucre is a pastry school and education is part of our DNA. That’s why we offer you in ESSENCE – THE SWEET EXPERIENCE, an assorted menu to fit every season while having fun, eating and learning in a formative, didactic and playful environment.

The ESPAISUCRE METHOD is an educational tool that we will be using to explain the origin of everything that will be served.

Nothing in this menu of 3 salty tapas, 5 desserts and 3 sweet tapas is casual. Plating presentation, tableware and the order in which they are presented have been designed to enhance our consciousness of what we taste.

In each experience of ESSENCE – THE SWEET EXPERIENCE  all the senses are involved to enter into a playful and pedagogical journey orchestrated by Butrón and Saguer to share with the attendees-students all the secrets of the famous Espaisucre METHOD, guide to successfully face the creation of a complex dish.

Whoever gets one of the 12 seats offered by ESSENCE-THE SWEET EXPERIENCE will enjoy surprising taste combinations and at the same time understand the reason for each of their elaborations thanks to the support of audiovisuals and a tablet as a guide, complement to help and satiate their curiosity about the origin and evolution of the ideas that underlie each dessert.

In ESSENCE – THE SWEET EXPERIENCE  we want you to have fun and enjoy an experience that will last in your memory.