Gustatory application of the METHOD

Espaisucre desserts are best expressed in a dynamic set, as a tasting menu, And just as in the salty world, its order is marked by a strong intention of graduation at the level of lightness (light, rotund), temperature (cold-warm-hot) and consistency (watery-dense).


The integration of vegetables in pastry is no longer a sign of modernity, its use has been democratized and is in many cases an essential part of a recipe. There are countless references such as the carrot cake, rhubarb cakes, tomato jams, zucchini cake, pumpkin fritters …

At ESSENCE, we use vegetables only as a starting point. Twisting and turning its most common associations, we achieve surprising, different and fundamentally sweet and good taste combinations.

The big challenge is to create gustatory normality, comfort food with ingredients that initially do not seem so.


3 salty tapas

5 desserts

3 sweet tapas

           BLOODY MARY

tomato + raspberry + vodka + basil + green cardamom

          FIVE O’CLOCK

 rhubarb + rose + matcha tea+ white chocolate + ginger


 carrot + butter + comté cheese + caraway + lemon


 avocado + lemon + cayenne + olive oil (evoo) + mint + caramel

          EMPYREUMATIC 2018

 parsnip + yogurt + quinoa + miso + smoked milk chocolate